About Me

Image of Sherri DavisMy name is Sherri Davis and I am a widow, a word I’ve chosen to embrace rather than loathe. I think of “widow” as an acknowledgement that my life experience includes one of the toughest reboots of all—the loss of a spouse.

My husband died in December 2010 when I was 50 and — to quote the Grateful Dead — “what a long, strange trip it’s been.” My husband’s death changed my life completely. When he died, I was a manager with a Fortune 150 company. 28 months later I had traded my Cadillac for a Chevy and was looking in the rear-view mirror as the building I’d worked in for 16 years faded into my history. In between (and after) I’ve faced many ‘dark night of the soul’ challenges. But the absolute lowest of those nights resulted in the single biggest life-changing moment of my post-Jerry life: I started a social group for widows and widowers through Meetup.

That social group started out as a desperate move to save myself by finding others who could relate to what I was experiencing. I craved proof that my life would not always be a joyless, meaningless, suckfest of roller coaster emotions. I thought I might meet a few people … within four days a dozen joined. Talking with other midlife widows and widowers and sharing our experiences made me feel normal for the first time since my husband died. The idea for this blog and website started to take shape then but I didn’t feel really ready to begin until now, five years after being widowed.

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